Problem with Advance Query

I have an simple select advance query with a parameter

query: " SELECT count([email]) FROM {People} WHERE {People}.[email] = @email "
I manually set @email = "" (this emaill address is in the People DB)

I test query, returns 0

but when my query without the parameter: " SELECT count([email]) FROM {People} WHERE {People}.[email] = '' "

it returns 1

so what is the problem? without parameter (static) works, with parameter coming from a text box input (dynamic) fails.

Not just email address doesn't work, but even when I tried to pass a string.

First of all, why don't you use the count of the Query and in this case you can use a simple query with the condition?

Hi David,

I'm testing, using Service Studio version, and I'm able to see the correct result.
Can you check the attached document, that contains all the steps from my test, I see what can be wrong.

Paulo Garrudo
Hi David,

I also have correct results but when reading your post I realized that you may be setting test values in the wrong place. Check out the image below. I think it explains it well.

Best regards,