Anyone else having trouble getting into the Forge?

I either get a cannot connect message or the browser just hangs indefinitely.  Thoughts?
Hi Curt,

Give it another go. It should be working now. :)

Still no good.  When it hangs I get 'Waiting for ieframe.dll ...' on the bottom status line of the browser.  No other page or site is giving me any problem.  If I do a search for a component like 'Test Automator' I can bring up that page in the Forge so it looks like it is just the Forge home page.
Hi Curt,

thank you for pointing this out!

I'll ask you to try it now that we've identified and fixed a bug in some redirects. This bug was affecting Forge home page, and Most Recent and Most Liked Ideas page, but only in IE.

If you still have difficulties, please clear browser cache and try it again.
Let us know how it goes.

It's working now.  Thanks!!