SPEAK needs the help of an OutSystems developer

Hello community!
I'm a volunteer for a non profit organization that has a social project focused in fighting social-cultural exclusion - SPEAK
SPEAK has been operating for one year now in a city called Leiria and will reach the growth stage in the of 2013 - meaning we will be ready to replicate the project in other cities. 
We have some development challenges ahead of us, and we will need 50-60 development hours until the end of JanuaryAnyone around available for this project? 
We are aware of the challenge, and it is difficult to find volunteers to help us with this so we were able to get 1800€ from social investors to use as a budget (still tight :/).

Let me know if you know someone tthat might be interested in this project. 

Here you can see the explanation of SPEAK in 2 minutes and here some videos of SPEAK.
Website and back-office (what we have)
SPEAK has a website where people can get to know the project and apply for different courses. We also have a back-office to manage the applications for the different courses. 

The challenge (high level and ugly just to give you an idea)

  • The website will need to work for SPEAKs running in different cities. We will show different application pages (forms and content) based on the city that the user selects. 
  • Back-office will have to support the applicatiuon process for different cities.
  • SPEAK portal - this is new, we will need to provide logins to the participants of SPEAK and have a portal where they can check their calendar and other information about their class. Teachers will have a feature to mark the attendance of students.

Let me know if you have any questions. 

Thanks for your help!