Internet Explorer 8 - Popup Error

Internet Explorer 8 - Popup Error

The popup windows loading forever in Internet Explorer 8.

After some debug i found that sometimes innerDoc.documentElement.scrollHeight has value 0 and the popup goes to a infinite loading.
Line - 197
if (innerDoc.documentElement.scrollHeight == 0)
return false;

Hi Euber,

That looks like a problem, please forward it to support ( with more details (e.g. an eSpace reproducing the issue, the version you are using, and if it was working in a previous version). In the meantime you can try the workaround of setting the popup height explicitly or setting a min height in the outermost container.

Tiago Simões
Im checked the new community version and cant reproduce the error.
After cheking the OutSystems change log i found:

 Fixed Popup-Editor problem when opening them repeatedly on the same screen in IE8 (#541616)