How to display icon in titlebar.

Hi everyone,
I wanted to implement "favicon.ico" in my application. can any one tell me how to implement it.

Sattibabu vatti.

There's an action in HTTPRequestHandler (AddFaviconTag) that allows you to add the favicon.ico.
Use that action in the preparation of the webblock that have the layout
Hello Sattibabu,

You should add your favicon.ico to your eSpace as a Resource and then use in the Screen or webblock Preparation, the action mentioned by Nuno Rolo.
As a good practice you can add the logic to a common block like an header or footer, avoiding code repetition.

Gonçalo M.

Hi Goncalo martins ,

Thanks for your reply..I have already implemented "Nano Rolo" Soluction and Its working fine.

Sattibabu Vatti.
I can't seem to get it to work in IE8 and below, but I got it working in Chrome by adding it as a resource with the Deploy Action set to Deploy to Target Directory (but I left the target directory blank).  When I set the deply action to do nothing, it wouldn't work for me.

When I added the action, it didn't matter if I used the expression editor to go to the "Resources.favicon_ico" or if I just typed in "favicon.ico" for the IconFilename - both seemed to work.  I just left MimeType blank.

Hello there,

I would appreciate some help on implementing this favicon. Have been trying to this multiple times but since none of them resulted in success, I made a few screen shots of my problematic tries.

In addition to these two which were mentioned by Cory, I tried multiple other target directories(not only blank). Hewever, none resulted in success.

Any help would be appreciated,
Kristupas Repecka
My first guess is that your file isn't the right resolution.  Mine is 32x32, but you can use to generate your .ico file.

Hi Kristupas,

First problem: is that type of image you are using is not an .ico, just another image file renamed to favion.ico, right?
(It looks way too big to be a real ico file)

Follow Cory suggestion and get that one fixed.

Second problem: "Resources.favicon_ico" is not going to be a valid filename for the browser to find.
If you add it to the Resources and place "Deploy to Target Directory" then the correct filename will be "favicon.ico"

Third problem: the browser may cache an unsucessfull previous attempt. Do a Ctrl-F5 to force a full refresh.

João Rosado
Success! Thank you for the quick replies !

It was a .ico file, just one with greater resolution(128x128).

Supposedly the problem had something to do with my browser. After I restarted it fully, the page with IconFilename set to "favicon.ico" finally revealed my teddybear. Thanks again!

Kristupas Repecka