List_LateNotify how to use??

List_LateNotify how to use??

Trying to determine the best way to use List_LateNotify..

I have a slow loading page because the queries on the Preparation can take a long time....

Will LIst_LateNotify bypass the Preparation or will I have to do this with a flag???

I want to bypass the query on the Preparation and only execute it when the List_LateNotify action runs.

Darrell -

* The Preparation will run
* After the page is displayed, then the action in List_LateNotify will be run. It will run as if someone has clicked a button or a link with that Action set as the Destination (in fact, I suspect this is how it actually works under the hood).

If you do not want that query to run in the Preparation, move it to the Action that is being called by List_LateNotify.

Hi Darrell,

I suppose you're talking about List_LateLoad. The behavior is pretty much as Justin just explained. When the page loads the webblock notifies the page and the screen action on have set on the On Notify will be executed.

Now, there are some usability considerations on this pattern. Actually we have used this pattern in the past and have pretty much abandoned it. It is prefarable to take a few more miliseconds and show a complete page to the user...

If you really want to implement this pattern and you want to avoid executing the query in the preparation and only refresh it in the screen action then you'll have to use the IsLoadingScreen system action.

I agree with Andre. I used List_LateLoad (and there's a List_LateNotify out in the forge too, I think) a LOT when I first started using OutSystems. It looked super-cool. But the usability was poor, it usually took longer because it had to wait for the page to load, initiate a new connection, then "fill in the blanks" which not only took longer, but FELT longer for the user.


... in some circumstances, it is better. We have a couple of reports and dashboards where it can take a long time to process the initial request, and for those situations, we felt that it is better to have the user see the screen with "please wait" than to see nothing at all during that period of time.

It sounds like Darrell may have a similar situation on his hands. :(