[XML Records] Complex XML

[XML Records] Complex XML

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Published on 15 Jun by Ricardo Silva
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Published on 15 Jun by Ricardo Silva
Hi Outsystems Community! I'm here again to ask another question from the Gods of Outsystem :D

How should i deal with an xml complex as this? (File Attached in this message)

I tried experimenting using the XML Records but all i could do is a simple multi layered structure not like the one attached. Do you have any ideas on how I should deal with this?

Thank you guys in advance for any help or suggestions!:)

Hello Lennard,

On version 1.3 of that component you can find a sample OML, where some examples are given.
Hope it helps you.

You can also achieve to use that XML Records extension with a similar XML but also simpler, and for that, you can use the XML extension to do a XSL Transformation to obtain the necessary XML input to instantiate the OS record.

Kind regards.

Daniel Martins.
Thank You Sir Daniel!:)

    I tried using the XML extension yesterday after I posted this. And it seems that I can use the extention to get the data I needed. This extention is a great help for others who are going to parse a complex xml:)

You are welcome, Lennard!

I'm glad that you sorted it out the solution, and, I'm glad i could help you.
I have solved my problem using a combination of XmlElement_ChildByIndex, XMLElement_GetChildCount, XMLElement_GetInnerText, XMLElement_GetName, and Switch in dealing with numerous Child Nodes. 

I hope this would help give an idea for other users who are dealing with complex xml:)