Editing values in table records

Editing values in table records

I have a table records widget that displays a limited number of rows (1-4), each row representing a fixed configuration setting of a certain item. I get the configuration settings by querying the database (something like "SELECT {Item}.*, {ConfigSetting}.* FROM {Item} INNER JOIN {ConfigSetting} ON {ConfigSetting}.[ItemId] = {Item}.[Id] WHERE {Item}.[Id] = @ItemId ORDER BY {ConfigSetting}.[Order]", where it is guaranteed there is at least one, and at most four, records in the result).

Inside the TR widget, I have an edit field for TRWidget.List.Current.ConfigSetting.Value, the idea being that the user can edit any of the max. four values, then press the Save button so save it all.

However, in the Save screen action it seems that the values the user enters are not present in the TRWidget.List the way I would've expected them to be (that is, the edited values are present in their respective structures in the list).

So my question is why it doesn't work the way I expect, and whether I can even use a table records widget for the attempted goal (and if not, what would be a good replacement, since the whole idea was to avoid using a grid with having to hide superfluous rows etc.).
Kilian -

You *should* be able to use it like that. I would double check all of the binding and code to make sure that the data follows through and you are looking at the right stuff.

Yeah, I thought I should be able to do that :) After some further checking, it gets weirder, as when I put an OnChange on the edit field (and leave the body of the action empty safe for a start/end), it works as expected. I've created a support case with OutSystems Support, since this looks really fishy...