the program sends I restart the computer and not install

I'm having a problem to install the platform, it begins the installation and tells me to restart the computer and try again but when I come to install the same problem happens.

help me,

Maicon Araújo
Hi Maicon,
On which windows version are you trying to install?
If you are trying to install on a Windows 8, you can take a look on this post.
Hope it helps you.

Kind regards.

Daniel Martins.
Windows 7 Home Basic 64 bits
Hi, Maicon.

Could you please reply and attach the OutSystemsInstall.log ?
You will find that file on the installation folder.

Kind regards.

Hi Maicon,

Taking a look on the log file, it seems that by some reason IIS it's not installed.

I'm running out of ideas, maybe you can install or check if you have ISS up and running or contact OS support.

Kind regards.
Hi Maicon,

You won't be able to install it in Windows 7 Home Basic because the IIS in that windows edition does not allow the features required by the platform.

João Rosado