Crystal Reports

Always worked with microsoft reporting services, which has a reporting server, now I need to call crystal report, and your file. "RPT", someone would have an example of how to call a crystal report via OutSystems tried using. xif (crystaltopdf) and was not successful.
An example:

I thank you.
Hi Cleyton,
I've worked once and used that extension. 
Can you provide what error or problem you have?
I will try to find an example in my backups to help.
Dear Nuno Roll

Every time I try to run the call to a report. "Rpt" get this message, I'm doing test with fixed values??. as image ...

messagem error!
não é um aplicativo Win32 válido. (Exceção de HRESULT: 0x800700C1)

PS: My platform is 64bit
I had that problem in a test environment, at the time and because it was a test environment, I put a site propertie to make a call to another machine.
But i suppose that this not a solution for you!
Try explore what they mention in this post.

I will study more to try to solve this problem, I'll post here if I solve!

Thanks for the help!

I had these same problems when I started with the reporting service ... But over it!
Hug Thanks again!