Can a pre-v8 app be updated to use V8 features?

Can a pre-v8 app be updated to use V8 features?

When creating a new app in V8, I can see new features like the grid but I don't see them with pre-V8 applications running on V8. Is there a way to turn on these new features for an old app? Thanks.
Hi Gerry,

I'm not 100% sure, but i guess you have to redo the layout of the screens to use the new CSS.
That's part of what I'm getting at. There is a new jquery version, new theme's etc. and it's not clear to me how to retrofit an old app to behave like a new one. Does anyone have the steps on how to do this?
I did the jQuery upgrade. I don't know if there is an official process, but this is what I did:

1. Change the eSpace's jQuery version property to 1.8.3.
2. Find/Replace all "osjs" references to "$".
3. Look for anything that depended on jQueryUI; on those pages, added a reference to the jQueryUI.

Test, test, test...

It went MOSTLY smoothly, but there were a few places where code we had written in the previous version of jQuery and jQueryUI were incorrect after the upgrade.

Hi Gerry,

You an also take a look into  Cheers,
Tiago Simões