[XML Records] simple question

[XML Records] simple question

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Published on 5 Feb by Afonso Carvalho
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Published on 5 Feb by Afonso Carvalho

I have the following issue.

when i do recordlist2xml of a recordlist, ok
i stuff it in the database, perfect,

Now I expect when I do a xml2recordlist it works fine, but i get a "Unable to load xml document"
which I find strange and annoying.

I expect the 2 functions recordlist2xml and xml2recordlist are complements (or how do you call it)

What am I missing?

Hello Statler,

Can you provide an eSpace /structure where you have this problem ?

Are you having problems in .NET or Java ?

Best regards,
Ricardo Silva
solved it my self.

had to manually add a root node and <xml .... > to the xml to load it again.

You shouldn't need to manually do that.

There are parameters in the rl2xml action to do that for you. Are they not working?