Uploading Tab Delimited Txt Files Without Headers

Uploading Tab Delimited Txt Files Without Headers

So far I have work with uploading excel files using the excel to record lis widget.

Well, I have a client that grabs tab delimited txt file.

furthermore, is there a way to upload the files without using the header (first line of the file) to know which entity to go to. can it insert to the db by the sequence for example

I have a table Employee
and contains Name, Position, DateOfBirth, Height, Weight, Location

then I have a tab delimited txt file(without header) I want to upload which contains

David  Software Developer  1985/04/01  180   70   California
John    Web Developer        1986/11/23  172   67   California
Sandy  Web Designer          1989/01/13  165   52   California

How can this be done

Is there any reason you can't open this file in Excel, add your headings, save it as a spearsheet and use your current code?
What we are trying to achieve is providing a service for our clients to upload their data on their own as simple as possible.

Some of the files (contains 4+ millions lines with 10+ columns in excel if converted from txt to excel)

Our client is able to get the file format as txt (tab delimited) and thats what I have to program: have both options of uploading txt (tab delimited) or excel
I was thinking, upload the txt file, then use BinaryDataToText Action then use String_Split Action with delimit as TAB then somehow insert into the entity

stringsplit first on newline i expect?