Database Audit

The platform has an audit about each column changed in each table on database?
Hi Allan,

Are you talking about changing the database entity records or changing the database entity attributes definition? 

  • Entiity records - you can use the extension AutoEntityDiff that compare two records. You can find it inside the component Human-readable Change History.
  • Entity attributes - you don't have any functionallity to retrieve this information in runtime, but you can get the database upgrade script that is going to be execute during the espace deploy.

Paulo Garrudo
Hi Paulo.
My doubts are about entity records, for example:
I have a table Contacts with this record
Name = Allan, Phone = 123456
A user of application changes this record to:
Name = Allan, Phone = 789654.
I want log this change in a table or other way, something like user that made this change, old value of the column, new value of the column and change's date.
Hi Allan,

You can look into the component Human-readable Change History

Paulo Garrudo

Thanks I will study this component.