Error deploying service center (Configuration Tool)

Error deploying service center (Configuration Tool)


I'm installing a Plataform on Windows Server 2008 R2 With SQL Server 2012 and when I try to deploy the service center an error is showing but the procedure completes. But, when I open service center on IE the page loaded without the css. I want to know if there is something wrong with my installation. When I called netstat during the service center deployment I noticed that DeployService.exe had a connection TIME_WAIT.

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Hi Rogerio,

In the IIS installation you are missing the "Static Content" feature.

It looks like you missing some other necessary features also (like the "Http Errors"). Copying from the outsystems install checklist:

  • Make sure that you have in the Web Server (IIS) Role the follow services installed:
    • Web Server
      • Common HTTP Features
        • Static Content
        • Default Document
        • Directory Browsing
        • HTTP Errors
      • Application Development
        • ASP .NET
        • .NET Extensibility
        • ISAPI Extensions
        • ISAPI Filters
      • Health and Diagnostics
        • HTTP Logging
        • Request Monitor
      • Security
        • Windows Authentication
        • Request Filtering
      • Performance
        • Static Content Compression
        • Dynamic Content Compression
      • Management Tools
        • IIS Management Console
        • IIS 6 Management Compatibility
          • IIS 6 Matabase Compatibility

Install those and it should be fine.

João Rosado