Can't install community edition

Can't install community edition

Hey everyone.

I'm having some troubles installing the community edition, mainly with the SQL Server installation.

I'm running Windows 7 and have SQL Server 2008 installed. When installing I get a "Test failed for SQLServer instance '(local)\SQLEXPRESS'", then a "Installing Microsoft SQL Server Express 2005 SP2" and finnally "The Microsoft SQL Server Express 2005 SP2 installation failed with error code 1706"

I've attached the full install log.

Can anyone help me?
Hi Carlos,

Sorry for the delay. Your question fell through the cracks. :)
Can you try installing SQL Server Express 2008 manually? The CE installer will then use that version.

Here's the reference document for manually installing CE version 8:

Hey, yeah I found the manual install after I posted this here and forgot to say it was solved ^^

But thanks anyway :D