custom grid component

I want to create a custom component so that I can use it where ever I needed.
I have to create a component with table records, one delete button and one add new record button. For add and delete I need to have actions which add/remove the elements from UI using javascript.
So that whenever I need this component I should able to drag and drop this, provide the input parameters, it should generate delete and add  action and the grid on to that page.
PFA screen shot for my requirement. On click of add one more row should be added, for delete, current row should be deleted

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Hi Thirupathi,

Seems like your trying to create a Service Studio! Isn't it just easier to use the one that already exists? :)
You can use the InteliWarp patterns to quickly create your TableRecord, New/Edit page, Delete action, ...
Have you considered this?

No InteliWarp doesnt help here I think. I just want to avoid the boiler plate job here. This component is used in several places in my application and i just want to make sure it as component to drag and drop and provider the input parameters thats it. If you observe the attachement what i have attached in the last post, it has add button delte button, actions for those buttons and many more.... I want to avoid doing all that multiple times by multiple people. Also, I cannot create a block and use it as block doesnt return data back to the form where i use that block.

There's no attachment...
Please find the attachement
I feel this be a very iteresting topic, you may take some UI gridview control as reference and I think to read some grid control tutorial to get familiar with the properties would be of great help.
Hi Uchiha,
Thanks for your reply.
Sorry, I have not mentioned anywhere in the thread. We are using java stack and i need it to be working on java stack. It would be a great help, if you could suggest anything on java side to achieve this.