Is it only me or is this version not that stable ?
It crashes very regularly, but still can work on after restarting it.
No special things to do to crash it: change the name of an application, change a label in a tablerecord ... 

My service studio does not crash alot tbh.

Mine crashes a bit more, yes.

Sometimes just openning an eSpace is enough to crash it.

Oh, and alot...

Time waster warning!
Mine does work without crashing at all :) I am also using Service Studio
I've found to be MUCH more stable than previous versions. I get a crash once every week or two, when it used to be MUCH more often than that.

My suggestion is to work closely with the support folks on this... I had a lot of stability issues, I got them a LOT of data and telemtry information, and when .16 came out, the release notes mentioned fixing a memory leak or two... I highly suspect that those updates were tied to the stuff we were working on.

This is what I got when I start ServiceStudio ... any good ideas ??

Joop -

Known bug caused by installing IE11 on your machine.

Ah, yes this error came on this morning after a windows update and yes IE11 is instelled.
And the solution is  ... ???
Joop -

No solution, just click "No" on that dialog and everything works fine anyways.


Hi all,

Well I must say that I'm also having a lot problems with version Keep crasing a lot, before It didn't happend that often.

Kind regards,
Well, my Service studio 8.0.16 doesn't crash at all. I guess I'm lucky!

As for the IE11 script error, just remember it always popups when you connect to a new server, that Service Studio is blocked until you click "yes" or "no" and the popup can be behind other windows.

Well, I've increased the memory in the VM to 3072KB (up from 2048KB) and it has been stable as a rock, even using a mix of upgraded espaces (to 8.0 from who knows what version) and new espaces.