WebLogic Message Queue Configuration

WebLogic Message Queue Configuration

This post intends to explain where how to configure the WebLogic message queues used by the OutSystems Platform.

Before you start

Before doing these customizations you should read the OutSystems Platform Installation Prerequisites technical note to find where the OutSystems Platform stores the several existing configuration files.
Before changing the default values, you should check WebLogic WebLogic official documentation to understand the side effects of these changes.


Web Logic Message Queues

The OutSystems Platform has several message queue: one for each type of log. To see where the message queues are configured, access the WebLogic console at  http://<server name:7001/console , go to  outsystems_domain ,  Services , Messaging , JMS Modules where you can find a module dedicated for the server. Inside that module you can find all message queues created by the OutSystems Platform installer.