Upcoming Developer Boot Camps

Upcoming Developer Boot Camps

Hi all,

I can see from the O.S. website that there's a Developer Boot Camp in South Africa starting 20.Jan.2014.  Is there any information on other options for this course in 2014?  Somewhere in Australia or maybe Asia would be perfect.

Hi Nic,

The yearly scheduled for 2014 will be made available very soon in the Academy site, where the bootcamps for the several territories (including Asia-Pacific) will be outlined.

Please bear with us for a few more weeks.


Hi Miguel,
Will we have the pleasure of your company down-under again next year???

Robbie Nati

Hi Robbie,

I'd love to be over for more bootcamps, so we'll see. :) It's likely, however, that another OutSystems colleague closer to you (we now have an office in Singapore) may deliver most of the Asia-Pacific bootcamps this year.

Hope all is well with you and all the peeps down under - hope to see you all soon!