Outsystem on line

Hi guys,  
Can I make a commercial small web application with Community Edition 
Do I have to pay anything for a small application? 
Is it possible to put app  on line with no additional cost? (except domain and servers)
How much users can I have  with Community Edition ? 

Hi Goran,

Glad to answer your questions! :)
You can use the CE for commercial applications without having to paying anything except for the domain and hosting as you mentioned (check this forum discussion for some good hosting options).
The only limitations is the 30k SU limit (there is no limit on "named users").

Thank you David, you are a great ;)
If I make money from the project thet i work on
then I will have money to buy  license :)
That sounds like a plan! :)

By the way, if you need to set up SEO friendly URLs this technical note will help.