We were using Crucible (https://www.atlassian.com/software/crucible/overview) as a code review tool before using outsystems tool and all the review data is captured in the tool which is centralized.

Is there any tool in outsystems for reviewing the logic/UI/data by the peers/leads, discuss changes, share knowledge and get report of the reivew? 

Not sure, but want to know, is it possible to integrate with Crucible or any other code reivew tools with outsystems.

Please let me know the better way of doing the reivew in outsystems along with the capturing the information for future use.


Hi Thirupathi,

Thank you for for bringing your experience and questions to our forums.

At OutSystems, we recommend the use of OutDoc for code reviews. It generates a report (HTML) from your Solution or eSpace code listing all the logic/UI/data. You can change it at will since it is an open eSpace. This allows further extension of capabilities such as collaborative peer-review, knowledge sharing and enforcing code conventions - although these are not present out-of-the-box in OutDoc.

I'm not aware of other code review tools. Crucible seems great, but very focused in lines of code. I couldn't find much about integration APIs but I believe through document upload (eSpace, solution, OutDoc output) this could be achieved.

In terms of practice, we also typically perform code reviews iteratively, on every Sprint/project checkpoint, with the full participation of the developer team as much as possible.

Please let me know if this helped,

Hi Pedro,
I see the outdoc in forge supports only .Net, but we are on Java stack. Is this also available on Java? If so please provide the java stack of outdoc so that i can try it and share my experience with it.

I'm afraid not, Thirupathi. I've requested that info to OutDoc team. Let's see what news they bring.

As an alternative path, I suggest you inspect the Platform's system tables eSpace, eSpace_Version and Application. Maybe you can set up a framework that extends that information in order so you can create your own collaborative code reviews. Food for thought.
Thanks Pedro, let me check with my team and try out that, mean time if you get anyupadate on OutDoc for java or any other best option please do let me know.