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Published on 2019-12-08 by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 2019-12-08 by OutSystems R&D
Hi OutDoc team,

Any idea of supporting OutDoc for Java stack, soon? Fellow Community developers would like to use it.

Hi Pedro,

Supporting automatic documentation in the Java stack is in our roadmap, but it is still not scheduled for development (meaning it won't be soon)...

Meanwhile, we have an alternative for our enterprise Java customers. They can use a version of "OutDoc" we host online. Customers just have to upload a solution (.osp), and they receive the generated documentation via email. We don't provide this for the Community Edition.

Customers can contact OutSystems Support so that their access is provisioned.

So is it possible to use the hosted one for code reivew?
Hi Thirupathi,

The hosted version of OutDoc only functions as a documentation tool. It allows you to generate documentation for your eSpaces, and to create diagrams of eSpaces.

The generated documentation doesn't include the implementation of your actions. It mentions which actions are implemented, what are its parameters, their description, etc. but in the generated reports, you won't see the flow implementing the function.
I'm on a project using the Java Stack. It would be great if we could use the OutDoc component in our own server.

I'll keep tracking this thread, and I hope it is soon...

Any news on this one?

Best regards,
Mário Coelho
Hi Mário,

Supporting automatic documentation in the Java stack continues in our roadmap, but we still don't have a planned release date.
Please contact OutSystems Product Support for a hosted version of "OutDoc".

almost 2 years now..  the roadmap isn't very promising...

Any news about the availability on java platform?

Hi Anshul,

Looking at the future plans of OutSystems (discontinuing the Java stack in version 11). I don't think OutDoc will be updated.

Kind regards,
Martijn Habraken