[FileSystem] Which Rights Do I Need to configure

[FileSystem] Which Rights Do I Need to configure

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Published on 28 Nov (3 weeks ago) by Matthias Preuter
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Published on 28 Nov (3 weeks ago) by Matthias Preuter

I want to use this extension, which right for which user do I need to configure ?
I now have IIS_WPG, NETWORK and NETWORK SERVICE full access, but can't create a directory

And secondly: if I want to create a driectory say "C:\test joop\test dir\joop" do I need to rewrite the path to "C:\test~1\test~2\joop" or something like that ?
1. This is one of those questions with an incredibly non-obvious answer, especially since IIS' behavior *used to* be what you'd expect (to use Local Service or Network Service or IIS_WPG or one of the well known system accounts). By default, each application pool has its own invisible user. If you look at the Advanced Settings of the app pool assigned to your application, it will either be running as a specific user (like "Local Service") or as "Application Pool Identity" (the default). If it is running as Application Pool Identity, there is a hidden user named after the App Pool. This article has ALL of the information (http://www.iis.net/learn/manage/configuring-security/application-pool-identities), but the short story is, the user you want to grant access to is called "IIS AppPool\<name of app pool>".

2. No need to try to figure out the 8.3 name, you can use the long file name without an issue.


Thanks again, how do you find the time to answer this all since you've got something amazing to watch :-)

I'm running localhost on my laptop, so there is no IIS user at all, I managed to get it running giving EVERYONE all rights, then even the long names worked out fine.
If this goes to a real server, I'll need to check this article again, I think

Merry christmas and a very happy new year
Joop -

Not a problem, glad to help! I struggled with that Application Pool Identity issue a few years ago on a different project. :)

A lot of these get answered while watching the "big green button" spin around and around...