Just thought I could share a little tool with everyone.
It uses Service Studio to import the content of a whole folder into an eSpace as Deployed resources.

The tool came to be, as sometimes you need to import multiple resources into an eSpace.
For instance, the CKEditor component has in it's current version 912 files. Importing one by one would be... let's go with painful.

Inspired by some code provided by Gonçalo Borrega, and extended into a full UI.

Version Info:
  • Allows selecting what Service Studio version to use
  • Displays folder content in a TreeView and allows you to unselect files that aren't needed

Fiddled around with a few things on the weekend, and there's a new version available on github.

New features:
  • Right clicking items allows you to change the "Deploy" setting, adding the resource to the eSpace but not deploying it on publish
  • You can now download eSpaces directly from ServiceCenter :)
Nice tool saved me a lot manual stuff :)


Hi Antonio,

Maybe a you could add a check on the maximum length of the resource string. This rescricted to max 49 characters. Bumped into this issue last week. The resourcename is trimmed automatically.

Had to add a file "something.EssentialsSilverlightViewer.CoreModules.xap" which must be deployed to the folder ClientBin. After deploying the filename was trimmed to "something.EssentialsSilverlightViewer.CoreModules.x" so the silverligth would not start.


Hi Stephan. Thanks for the feedback. :)

I can't commit to github through my current network, but I'll leave a compiled version attached, in case anyone needs it.

I'll commit the src to github later.

Hi Antonio,

Thanks for the quick fix


Thanks great Tool