Help Needed: How to Expose Process Events from an entity on a linked DB server

Help Needed: How to Expose Process Events from an entity on a linked DB server

Hello Guys,
I'm quite stuck and would appreciate highly some assistance!
I'm using a integration studio to integrate a remote sql DB as a linked server.
Everything works as expected -as is always the case with the agile platform-, but now i need to lunch a process at the creation of a record on a given table on that linked server.

I get the following error: " 'entity name' entity must expose process events to be used as 'Process_Name' process entity"
On the advanced tab on the entity, this feature is disabled -i assume because it's on a remote DB- :(

Is there a way around this or a different method to trigger a process after a new record has been created on that table?


Does this external table has a nice-single-column-primary-key, like regular Service Studio entities? I never tried using the Expose Process Events option with an external table, but it's possible it's an unsupported scenario (I couldn't confirm it in the online help, though), since it uses DB triggers and it would be difficult to achieve a satisfactory technical solution, given that it's a table in an external database, after all.

As a workaround, you could setup an observer timer, running periodically, checking if there are new elements in this table (you would save the last Id or timestamp on each timer run).

Hi everybody;
I'm having the same trouble in here..
I need to launch a process in the event of create on an entity, and this entity is in an external DB, I have integrated this DB with the integration Studio and I get the same error than Ayoub  
I think that this issue was because I have a table with so many FK's and I decided to create a new project and start all over again, but this time I create the connection with an external DB; all over by the Integration Studio again, but this table it's so simple, it has 2 columns plus the PK, one integer and the other varchar, I tried to launch a process in the creation event on that table, but keep showing the error.
If there's any advice/tip/learning that somebody have about this, please share.
I guest everybody will appreciate it.
HI Bernardino,

It's not any issue with your table, the Expose Process events is not possible on external entities.
The CloseOn/StartOn events can only be used for entities defined in the platform.

The best way is to as Paulo mentioned have some kind of periodical timer to check the table for new entries and have the timer start the Process.

João Rosado
Hello Bernardino Just use the workaround Paulo has suggested it worked fine for me In the process tab use tge timers to run an action on a regular basis that checks your foreign table for update and starts a new process when conditions are there BTW sorry for being super late but thank you very much Paulo I appreciate !
Hi everybody!!

Thank you so much for your replies.

I was able to star my process and it works fine!!

I just wanted to say "thank you!!" for helping me in this little thing that I got stuck in

Thanks Again!