[PDF Crowd connector] Differences to other components

[PDF Crowd connector] Differences to other components

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Published on 2013-12-13 by Pedro Moreno
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Published on 2013-12-13 by Pedro Moreno

You probably created this component because it has improvements over similar components in the Forge (1, 2). Could you provide a short comparison / reasoning for the Community users to decide which one to use?
Hi Paulo,

This component was created because of Java stack, nevertheless we implemented the .NET version, since PDF Crowd supports both APIs.
Regarding Java stack, other similar components or don't support this stack or have some issues with styles and images, for instance, the ones that use iText lib.

Vítor Gibão
Thanks Vitor!
Hi Paulo,

Just to add a few remarks about this component.

It has the advantages of having a .Net and a Java version and can work very well with html pages with lots of CSS.

The main drawback, in my opinion, is that all the work (of the conversion to pdf) is done at the PDFCrowd servers. This means that you have to expose your pages on the internet and have to consider if the information is sensitive or not (because it will be sent to the PDF Crowd servers)