Windows 7 Installation - Scheduler Service could not be started 

Windows 7 Installation - Scheduler Service could not be started 

I am trying to install the community edition on Windows 7 Pro (64 bit), I am getting the below error:

Starting OutSystems Platform Services.
[23.12.2013 11:08:57] Notify Action: Id[B287079D-CE48-654C-B03F-5F0078A42E9E] Version[] Action[Feedback Submit] Details[Issue[596540] Details[OutSystems Scheduler Service could not be started] Silent[ -silent]]
[23.12.2013 11:08:58] OutSystems Scheduler Service could not be started
[23.12.2013 11:08:58] Installation could not be completed!
[23.12.2013 11:08:58] Check 'C:\Program Files\OutSystems\Installer\Logs\OutSystemsInstall.log' for installation details
[23.12.2013 11:08:58] Installed components:
[23.12.2013 11:08:58]    • Service Studio
   • Integration Studio

[23.12.2013 11:08:58] Not installed components:
[23.12.2013 11:08:58]    • Platform Server
   • System Component

Also note that after this installation, I can run Service Center and Integration Studio. However, I am not able to run Service Studio, when I launch it it justs hangs and does not respond.
Hi Roland,

Did you look into C:\Program Files\OutSystems\Installer\Logs\OutSystemsInstall.log?

It seems the scheduler service couldn't be started. Did you try to start it manually?
Hi Roland,

Try going over the manual installation steps described here: