Localization of default value in secondary espace

Localization of default value in secondary espace

We have an application where the validation is captured in a seprate espace.
Application => TestApp_kk
espaces =>TestApp_kk, validationModule
In validationModule espace, we have an Action defined (InputValidateNumbers), which validates the text input as number and returns 2 things
a. ValidationFlag (whether validation is success/failure)
b. ValidationMessage
The validation message is assigned using a default value of a variable. For example:
If(not Regex_Search.Found,InvalidMessage,"")
Here InvalidMessage is a variable with default value as "Please enter only numbers.".

Now the problem: We are not getting the localized value of this string returned, though we have added localization for it.
OSP file is attached for reference 
Note: If we remove the defaultvalue and hard code the string directly in logic then it returns localized value.
If(not Regex_Search.Found,"Please enter only numbers.","")

Can you please check the issue.

Hi Kaushal,

I tried something very simillar (I did not use chinese) and did not run into problems.
I suggest you open a support case to check if there is something environment specific or language specific that might be causing the issue.


Hi Andre,
Thanks for your response. Did you checked the osp file which was attached. I tried this scenario using Spanish as well and i am getting the same result. I believe that it is not language specific.

I have raised a support ticket (https://www.outsystems.com/SupportPortal/case-598146-334EDD6).

Hi Kaushak,

I can see that support has provided an answer.

Andre Madeira
Hi Andre,
I just checked the support site. It seems that they have closed the issue (with workaround as a solution). I am not sure if it will get resolved in future release or not. I was expecting that they would have closed the issue only after fixing it (since it was reproducible at their end).

But thanks for the help...cheers :)