TestQueryRunner Fail

TestQueryRunner Fail

Hi Guys, i a newbie for here and need your help.
when a execute one test in my query the outsystem return for me this message in  the session monitoring 
"Could not initialize class outsystems.nosomlprocessor.testquery.TestQueryRunner"

Anyone been through this?
forgive my english :)

I've never seen that. Give a bit more of information please.

OutSystems Version?
Does it happen in every query, or only in a specific?
Are all services running?
Any error in the Monitoring area?

Hello Nuno thanks for the interest I restarted my server Outsystem and the problem did not occur anymore. thank you very much.
The general problem was I could not test the queries of my project when I went to the service center in the monitoring option it gave the error that I reported the above

Forgive my english
My problem came back, the problem is this when I create any query on the system and try to test it in the "service studio " he aprensenta the following error "java.lang.reflect.UndeclaredThrowableException." then I go to the "Service Center" and I see this message in the log "Could not initialize class outsystems.nosomlprocessor.testquery.TestQueryRunner"

H elp me please.
The problem could be in the query. If the query works after restarting, it is something that crashes meanwhile. Do you have anything running in the database server, or a timer in outsystems?
This Time resumed and never returned to work. Now the system works normally, most of the test queries does not work ... still returns the same exception