Ajax submit code jquery end html response.

Ajax submit code jquery end html response.

Guys does anyone know how to make the server respond to a ajax request?

          type: 'GET',
          data: 'Titulo='+titulo+'&Url='+location.pathname+location.search+'',
          success: function(retorno){
          error: function(erro){

This is the example I want the variable success in <retorno> back som specific value on the server and I can handle the script.

Hi Paulo,

This old discussion shows you the way:

Imagining that you have a Boolean variable called Success your server answer could be something like this:
TextToBinaryData("{""success"":" + If(Success,"true","false") + "}")

I hope that helps!

Happy new year!
Davide :)
HI Davide,
                 Following on this, Is there a way to call screen function in the ajax url or does it need to be a screen with the download as mentioned in the list you provided ? 

Hi kota,

It needs to be a screen with download node. You cannot call a screen action directly.

João Rosado
Thanks Joao. Just wanted to confirm it.