Sharepoint CMIS integration

Sharepoint CMIS integration


has anyone implemented OS integration with SharePoint using OOTB CMIS interface/connector? It should enable content uploading and other non-read-only functionalities.

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Hello Ignas,

OutSystems and Sharepoint had already been integrated using several methods, Sharepoint has a most of its APIs exposed as webservices that are easily consumed by the OutSystems plataform. I recommend you to take a look at our technical note about Sharepoint Integration and check the samples of the "Sharepoint Made Easy" component that might be usefull for you to understand how this integration is handled

Rui Toscano
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many thanks for your answer!

I already had reviewed all the information provided before posting this question. But those do not contain information I'm looking for. In particular - integration discused in the refered technical notes only discusses use of OOTB SharePoint webservices enabled by default. But these do not permit document uploads via OS application.
Meanwhile MS provides OOTB additional CMIS SOAP webservice (CMISSoapwsdl) which must be explicitly enabled and enables content management including upload. My question is related explicitly to use of this webservice.

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Hello Ignas,

Despite the fact that I have used an ESB to connect via CMIS to Alfresco and Sharepoint, you can always build an extension using Integration Studio and use standard libraries to access the protocol.

Please check: for the .NET version of the "de facto" standard library to access CMIS via code.

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Hi Ignas,

i don't know if you need to use CMIS for the integration, mainly because there are some other options. One that is common used for Sharepoint integration is the following:

Example to store a new document:

Paulo Garrudo

Hello Ignas,

If you still require CMIS for integration, I have developed a very simple and incomplete yet extension that uses the dotCMIS Apache Chemistry library to connect to CMIS ECM's. If you need it, please tell me.