I have a field on a form with its variable set to a field with a data type of Email.  I expected it to be fairly good about validating the email string and it seems to be but the string 'x@x' pases validation.   It should at least look for a period followed by one or more characters at the end of the string.  Obviously this isn't very critical, just unexpected.  I see other possible validation functions in the forge so I might try them.  I appreciate any recommendation.

I also have used the Phone data type and expected a similar validation function but there appears to be none.  Why bother creating a data type for that if its just text?  It doesn't even verify that it is numeric as far as I can tell.

They are useful for choosing the right keyboard in mobile devices. Nothing more than that. You have to implement your own validation logic.

The phone is like a license plate: every country has different rules. Some companies even use letters to spell them easier.