Use lookup table in parent eSpace

Use lookup table in parent eSpace

I have one eSpace which encapsulates all operations on a particular table. To this table I recently added the ID to a Static Entity for a "status" indicator. This eSpace is used in a parent eSpace which does the List / Show / Edit for this table.

Following the Academy video 4.6 (create and use a look-up table), I want to add this new attribute to the Show and Edit web views in the parent eSpace, however the Studio does not allow me to drag this <staticEntityId> field to the Show or Edit view.  I *can* drag other newly-created fields from this same table to the views, just not the static entitty ID field.  Is there a reason for this?

Thanks in advance,
Community Edition, v, Win Vista.  
Hi Nic.

Is that Static Entity public?

I think the main table is public and you can do what you want, but the static is hidden and the other eSpace doesn't know how to change the ids to descriptions.
Hello Nuno,

Thank you.  Your reply gave me the motivation to look further, and I managed to fix the problem.

In case any one else is curious, the static entity was defined in its espace as Public=Yes, but that wasn't enough.  In the parent espace under Add/Remove References, I needed to manually check the box next to the static entity as it was not automaticallly checked / included as a reference.