Campaigns Email URL

I just installed the Campaigns app and tried the functionalities available. I wanted to try out how the campaign response works but I found that the email sent by the application doesn't give out the URLs in the template but just plain texts. What I basically mean is that I expected the 'unsubscribe' as a link but is just presented as just text in the received campaign email.

Any thoughts?
JC -

I haven't looked at that, but you likely just need to link the text on the screen to the correct URL. Select the text, right click, and choose "Link to".

Hi Justin,

I actually did that to no avail. I even try to hard code the website in the <a href> tag. But the thing is, I tried to use the same html source inside the CK Editor and put it on a webscreen (as expression). It was rendered correctly.

I am still debugging the function CampaignProcessHTML which creates the HTML body of the email campaign. It may be the reason why the html is not built correctly.

I am just suprised that it is not working out of the box or I just simply missed something
I think I got it. It is because of the GetEntryURL returns no domain. And fixed it with below: