Get Full path for file upload

Get Full path for file upload

Hi All, 
        Is there any way to get full path of the file while uploading it to the server ? I want user to give option to wither upload it to the server or open it locally. To open it locally I can user javascript window.location but I can't seem to find a way to get the full path of the file. Thanks is advance.


If you're using javascript try something like this.
<input type="file" id="fileUpload">
<input type="button" onClick="alert(document.getElementById('fileUpload').value)">

In Mozilla it will give you only the filename.
in Chrome it will give you literally C:\FakePath\ and file name.
On IE it will ask permission to run ActiveX and return the real and complete path.

So, if your users can be teached to use only IE and the browser settings adapted so that it trusts your site, you can use javascript in OutSystems.
Thanks Nuno, I was looking for something cross-browser.
I tried following in run javascript action on button click :
"alert(document.getElementById('" + UploadAttachmentDocument.Id + "').value);"
UploadAttachmentDocument is the name of file upload widget.
It is giving me blank in all the browsers.
Here I only have version 6, but I tried the code below and it worked (Firefox and IE).

Ok, It worked with extended properties. And indeed it is giving 

1- full path in IE
2- only file name in firefox
3- C:\FakePath\ and file name in chrome.

Is there anyway at all to use this cross-browser ?