Alignment of help text (prompt/placeholder)

Alignment of help text (prompt/placeholder)

We have some input fields for which we have to align help text to right. Somthing like what is shown below.

We tried this by using a style "text-align: right;". This looks good in outsystem editor as well as in chrome browser.

But when we test it in IE8 then we get a wierd behaviour. Please let me know how can we fix this for IE 8.
A sample application (with two oml file)e is attached for reference. [Refer postal code on Edit Person page.]
Hi Kaushal,

Looks like you hit a problem related with the prompts implementation for browsers that do not support placeholders nativelly.

Don't see a way to workaround it, so you should submit a support case.

João Rosado
Hi João Rosado,
Thanks for your response. I have created a support case