In two diferrent project when i click in a container (div) with Click to redirect to other webpage is giving me the same javacript error.
The feedback Message show this error:
An exception occurred in the client script.
Error: The connection to the server was reset. Server returned status error.
Here is a screenshot of the error:

Luis Oliveira
I am seeing this error too, for no explanable reason. What is VERY strange, is that it only happens on ONE of my front-end servers (I tried bypassing the load balancer and accessing it directly). If you find a solution, please let me know!

Oh, and Fiddler shows that it returns a status 200 as expected, and the page even works as expected!

Hi Justin,
In my case, happends in two different servers. Only happends in one/two places in the projects and is very strange (tried to convert it to a button but happends the same). Still without a solution.

Luis Oliveira
Hi Luís,

Have you tried with HTTP instead of HTTPS? Just to rule out a possible culprit...

I saw this when accessing the page from the server itself, using (that's how I narrowed it down to one specific server). I also saw a VERY similar issue when putting in a ticket tonight to the Support Portal.

I am beginning to wonder if a recent server patch is the cause?

Hi André,
One of these projects is HTTP, so it shouldn't be that.
In my case happends in every computer (client/server).

Can be something in the OSJS file of the platform?

Luis Oliveira
Oi pessoal.
Também estou com o mesmo problema.
Quando vou fazer o download do excel ele demora e da esta mensagem de erro.
Sendo que este arquivo tem apenas 7Kb.
Alguem sabe o que pode ser?