Hey guys and ladies,

I need to see the last Date and time the a record in a table was edited as well as when it was created. These values cannot be edited and must be visable for each record, I have created the entity attributes for each, (the "date created", and the "date last edited"). I dont know where to go from here, i have the default vaules for each set as "CurrDate()" which displays in both "created date" and "last date edited", however when I edit said record neither dates change. 

Does anyone have a solution, or know where to look for one?

Any help will be appreciated, Thank you
Delson Dasilva


Did you set the attribute type as DateTime, if so and to see the differences you should use CurrDateTime() function
yes "last updated date" is set to Date Time and "create date" is set to Date
Does anything else changes or the entire record stays the same?
Have you debugged the execution?
A few things I think are causing your problem.  The first is your assumption that default values are used everytime time a record is created or edited.  As you've seen, they are only used when a new record is created.  This is typical behaviour for any database system, not just Outsystems.  In order to update the last edited field you need to create an action that serves as a jacket for the update function that is created by Outsystems, Update<tablename>.  That jacket action would use the Assign widget to set the last edited date with the CurrDateTime() then call the Update<tablename> action. 

While updating this field is simple there are usually many more fields that would need to be set this way, behind the users back, so I always create this jacket function for all database updates.

Hope this helps.
thanks Curt looked into the assign widget uses, and found what i was looking for, after playing around with it, i now have the "last updated" and "last user updated by" changing after every access, every is great!