Checkbox with more than 2 values

Checkbox with more than 2 values


Does anyone know how to create a checkbox with more than 2 values and have corresponding images as well? For example I would like the following:

If clicked once, value  = "Yes", image "Y"
If clicked again, value = "No", Image = "N"
If unclicked, value = "Null", no image

Attached is a screenshot from a different application.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Why you need to use a checkbox? Your variable is not binary.
What you need is one variable of type Text (default value "") with an OnClick Action to change it's value to "Y" or "N". Change based on previous value. You can do it directly over the image, in a button or anything, no need to use a checkbox.
Yup, checkboxes are binary, they're either on or off, they don't have a "null" value.

Radio buttons do, kind of, because in a radio button group the one that is selected is the one whose value is the same as the variable. If the variable doesn't correspond to any radio buttons, none will be selected. But take note that as soon as you click one, you can't go back to the "null" value.

Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it
Using AJAX it should be pretty easy to implement what you want. If you'd like, I can attach an eSpace that exemplifies it.

EDIT: Attached it anyway.
Just out of curiosity, there is also the indeterminate state of HTML checkboxes, however it's only settable through JavaScript and is exclusivelly visual. 
See here, or here for a demo.
I'd still stick to the other provided solutions.
Thank you for the sample and help