How to make a new deployment controller in a farm?

We have a deployment controller that is also acting as a front-end server in our farm. If we built a new server to replace the controller, what would the process be for a smooth transition? Would I just build a new app server, make sure that Deployment Controller service is running, and then update the "Deployment Controller Server" IP address in all front-end servers in the Configuration Tool?


Hi Justin,

I'd say you'll need to do something like:

1) build the new app server
2) ensure the deployment controller service is running
3) update the deployment controller server IP address in all front-ends
4) get a new license for the server* and upload it
5) republish your factory (an all components solution)**

* Since the license serial number is calculated in the deployment controller, your license will be invalidated if you change the deployment controller to a new server.

** this will ensure the share directory is recreated in the new deployment controller

Just a question, though: why not make the current deployment controller / front-end just a deployment controller and add a new front-end ?
Ricardo -

Thanks! I didn't think about the license and a republish.

Rackspace doesn't have a path to transition older VMs to their newer architecture, and this server is on their first generation architecture which has some issues. That means we need to build a new deployment controller no matter what. :(

Just as an FYI, I did this earlier this week and it worked great, thanks again!