how to make a mouse over preview?

I have table record, and I want it so that when I hover over some text in the table record, I get a preview of the full text.
Any suggestions or sources where to find such info.
Del -

The easiest, quickest way is to make it a link, and set the "Title" property of the link to the full text value.

@Justin James

Hey thank you it works! However it shows too much of the text in the link, now i want just about a line(30-40 charaters) to then the hover preview to show the whole thing.

This is what i have so far.
I think i found a way.
using a function "Text_CutAt" is a component download, but service studios keeps telling me its an unknow fuction so i dont know if im using it right.
Here is a link to the download from if you want to look at it.
thanks again
Del -

Mark's answer in the other thread should be correct. If you've published that component to your server, you need to make a reference to it.