cutting text, tidy-ing up my page, help please.

I'm try to cut some text in a table record using a function "Text_CutAt" its a component download, but service studios keeps telling me its an unknow fuction so i dont know if im using it right.
Here is a link to the download from if you want to look at it.
thanks again
Hi Del,

Have you included the references from the espace into your application? 

Check this.... from Service Studio / Add - Remove espaces then scroll down to Essentials and ensure the Text_CutAt is selected in the right box with a tick.

Where you are using the Text_CutAt then maybe use the expression editor and select the Text_CutAt from that list until you are confident that you are using it correctly with parameters etc. From memory you will only use the first 2 parameters...1st being - Text string to cut, 2nd being where to cut text at (integer). Function returns a Text (string)

Good luck!