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Published on 2013-10-15 by Joop Stringer
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Published on 2013-10-15 by Joop Stringer
Hello, I'm trying to use the component but I think I'm not doing the right way.

Could you please provide a guide or tutorial on how to install and create a fully functional example?

I tryed this way (sorry, I'm a very new Platform developer):
1. Opened the FullCalendar.oml
2. Compiled in my server (community with .Net)
3. In my project, imported the references to the FullCalendar
4. The problem: Just a few components were imported: weblocks Layout_Normal, Layout_Normal, Layout_Popup and Menu... No actions, database entities, and the main interfaces!

What am I missing?
Hi João,

Good to see new blood flow thrpugh the outsystems veins :-)
In the OML is a demopage, there you can tweak with the paramaters.
The data can be loaded using a JSON string or a page returning a JSON string
In this sample there is a page called CalendarJSON Check that one out to see the functionality to deliver the right JSON.
If you reference the webblock it is true that no DB or what so ever will be imported, because it the only thing it is ... You need to configure the webblock (like the demopage )

Hope it helps !
Minutes after I opened this thread I realized the issue... Some components (interfaces, action and entity) were as "Public No", so when I built it into my environment it didn't work fine.
I changed the properties in the original .oml and everything worked out.
It's really easy to get the component fully functional. Thank you!
Now I'm gonna try to use with a Java stack. If I find something relevant you will know.
I have downloaded, complied and referenced the Full Calendar from OutSystems Forge, but I get prompted to update the JQuery verison ... how do I do this ?
Hi Omran!

In the FullCalendar eSpace, the JQuery version is set to "1.4.2 OS". Use the drop-down to change this to "1.8.3" and then rebuild the FullCalendar eSpace - the warning will now go away. The calendar demo still appears to work fine using the latest version of JQuery, as far as I can telll.


Kind regards,

Andy Burgess
Sales Engineer, OutSystems UK

Thanks Andrew but the "jQuery Version" property for my calendar is not editable

Hi there,

I am very very beginner developer on outsytems. I am wondering if you guys could teach step by step, I agree with another person, João Melo said, providing a guide or tutorial on how to install and create a fully functional example. I still do not know how to configure on the integration studio 


My plan of outsystems project so far, I am thinking put in the accumulate schedule book page using this FullCalendar. 

I would like put my schedule directory, like, Google Calendar. Then I want store these schedules in the query on table of outsystems.


But I faced some problems when I started,

  1. How can I compile in my server? I have been having a issue to use. Well I do not understand yet how to use basically and this particular  case. Because I could not find relevant article(if they have video tutorial which is most helpful for me). I am using .NET on Visual Studio 2012. And I was looking CalendarJSON which mentioned by Joop Stringer, and I do not see specific CalendarJSON. I just see Google Calendar one. Is that what you suggest for?
  2. Also, how can I (import?) add this JSON to outsystems service studio? I do not even know, when I read this RESTWebServices Documentation. 
  3. Do I need import the references to the FullCalendar? If so, should I use CalendarJSON? If so, could you teach me how to do that?
  4. By the way, when I tested Demo FullCalendar, it shows nicely. But how can I add event? When I played around, in the left pane I put title in the headerCenter, and put specific date, example, 2014/9/25  on start date.
can anyone send me fullcalendor.OML file please ?
Hi Pankaj,

You can either install it from Service Studio or download directly here. Did you have problem downloading it?
The link for download:

Hi I am begineer too. I am in learning stage I want to put my excel sheet of schedule in calender format with 4 references. How can i use this calender? I downloaded calender in my Dev. Env. But i am unable to move further how can i add my excel data in this calender?