[Active Directory Import] Why it's not included on Users eSpace?

[Active Directory Import] Why it's not included on Users eSpace?

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Published on 2012-12-03 by Ricardo Silva
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Published on 2012-12-03 by Ricardo Silva
After 1 year of the component launch I was hoping this would be merged with the Users eSpace, but it's not.

In every project I need to install a 3.000 software unit component to do something the Users eSpace should have done from the start. 

Every system I work with has AD import\sync, and most of them are not even paid. So it’s a bit odd a platform like OutSystem requires us to install additional components, when this could be done in Users eSpace.

Hello Carlos,

When something gets integrated into the OutSystems Platform, there are R&D costs to do it. It will need to be maintained, tested, etc.

The use case of importing a whole directory does not seem that common on our customer base, and frankly the quality of the code in this particular component is not the author's finest work :)

The Users eSpace already fills the most relevant integration use cases with Active Directory / LDAP, and if the 3k SU's bother you, after the initial import you can simply delete the component since it's likely to never be used again.

Best regards,