Update a record in record list

I have an record list and user updates only one record (via popup editor). In the notify action I want to update only one record in the record list (irrespective of rownumber) and refresh the table.

I want to do seomething like this -  recordlist.(current rownumber).table.column= 'New Value'

Currently I am not able to do above so I am running a loop on the record list and checking the current list row = current row number (rocord updated by client). If yes, I am updating the record list and refreshing the table.

Hi Vivek,
you can do so by assigning the value to RecordList[IndexToUpdate].Structure.Field = X.

Eg. RecordList[RecordList.CurrentRowNumber].Structure.Field = 100
Antonio Chinita : can you please show us the screen shots for doing so.
Hi JD. Here:

Thanks for your feed back António Chinita,
will try out to do so.
Hi Vivek,

Perhaps this also can help you.

1. On your pop-up editor screen, when you press 'save', a save action is called.


2. In the 'save' action you can just collect the Identifier of the 'EditRecord' and pass it as the argument of the NotifyWidget as highlighted.

3. On the base-page from where the pop-up is invoked you need to have a 'OnNotify' method.

4. In this 'OnNotify' method, assign a local variable with the same data-type with the 'NotifyWidgetGetMessage()' as highlighted.

5. Then to the advenced query or to a simple query pass that particular identifier and update the record, as highlighted. You need to refresh the query and perhaps the list after this.

Let me know if this works for you.

Nikhil Shravage.