Combobox isnt scrolling in Chrome!

Combobox isnt scrolling in Chrome!

Hi all, I have a combobox on my homepage that wont scroll through the options in the Special List. Its working in IE and FF. Any ideas? The list box seems to be fine. 

Please let me know how to fix.

Hi Julius,

Will you please provide a screen-shot of which combobox is not scrolling?

Thanks & regards,
Nikhil Shravage.
Hi Julius,

Tried your site in both my FF and Chrome and I get the same behaviour in all combos (assuming that by "scrolling" you mean using the mouse wheel on the combo box).
In IE it does indeed scrooll on the values if the combo is highlighed, but it looks like a specific browser behavior to me, more than something being "broken" in the others.

João Rosado
Im attaching an image of the two combo boxes that arent scrolling. Again, is there a css fix to this? Maybe a setting on the combo box that I'm missing?
Hi Julius,

Those look like working for me in all browsers. Here is a video:
Using Chrome 32.

As a non-related thingy about your page: overflow hidden to remove the scrollbars around the window is a bad idea because it will cause the page to become completly unusable on small resolutions. My screen has a 1024x768 resolution and had to change the css to be able to view the combo boxes at all.

João Rosado
Thanks. I'll make the change right away.
I noticed the same behaviour after the last release of chrome (v Version 32.0.1700.76 m) ...
I also noticed this behaviour around 21 januari in Chrome. Seems to be Chrome specific. Luckily you can still use the arrow keys+enter to get values from these drop down boxes.

The same is happening here.
Chome version '32.0.1700.76 m' made the comboboxe's scrollbar to not scroll at all.

Haaaa I see now, the scrollbar isn't draggable.

I was only trying using the mouse scroll in the video and that worked fine :P
This is NOT an outsystems problem ... it's chrome's stupid behaviour in every site with combobox !
Any fixes? I'll check some other forums.
I believe there's no fix for it yet.

Take a look at
For reference, the bug report is here:
Well, Chrome 32 replaced the default controls that in Windows were basically the default ones provided by Windows itself with the "new and improved" Android\ChromeOS controls, so this isn't really a bug, it's a feature. You're not supposed to use a mouse on an Android device, are you?

You might also have noticed that the scrollbar on the page itself is different, and doesn't work as before: it has no up/down buttons and the page up/down function (when you clicked somewhere between the scroll thingy and either button) is gone too.

Right now your only option, if you really must have that function is to not use Chrome.

To be fair, IE 11 kind of does that too in Windows 7, but at least it preserves the functionality of the OS provided controls.
"You're not supposed to use a mouse on an Android device, are you?" - That's a nonsence remark: on Android, combo boxes are shown completely different, they do not fold out nor do they display a scroll bar. Instead, they're a kind of overlay that enhances selection. And ChromeOS is defintely mouse driven. *And* Google has acknowledged it as a bug. So I'm really not sure why you are trolling that it's some kind of "feature". If you don't like Chrome, fine, don't use it. But don't tell others not to, because of some illigitemate reasons.

If you know about a "bug" in the DEV builds for months and decide to push it to the RTM builds, it's not a bug, it's a feature.

Also, the "official " answers are:

"This is because we're switching to the chromeos style. Passing to review-ui to make sure they are ok with this"

"There is no easy way to go back to the previous scrollbars. There was a big change in the graphics stack from chrome 31 to chrome 32 which meant to unify 3 platforms: windows, chromeos and linux and that includes a shared widget theme.

I understand how it upset some people and we respect that, but we decided to go ahead because:

1- many sites already customize the scrollbars
2- IE in win8 has also a non classic widget theme


3- A few weeks ago we released chrome 32 to a significant number of people (millions) and we did not get significant negative feedback.

One possible outcome depending on the volume of feedback is instead of returning back to the windows theme we will enhance the shared widget theme scrollbars with the steppers."

And from here!msg/chrome/oALMlQeYnG4/bZhDlzyXGFwJ
"Thank for your follow-up posts on this update. For the Windows Scroll bar update, we understand that arrows are an important part of the scrollbar for many of you, so we are re-evaluating our design and assessing how we may re-incorporate them in the future. I will update here as we have more to share"
(my emphasis)

Seems kinda deliberate to me...

And I don't really have any preferences when it comes to browsers, I've used Firefox since before it was called that, and it's still my go to browser for debugging web pages.

But one thing I utterly despise is automatic updates breaking standard functionality.
Fair enough. Still, it seems that they're talking about the style, not necessarily the unscrollability.
Yeah, but I'm the one getting phone calls from angry users because their tool no longer works.

The fact that it does work, it's just the scrollbars that work differently, makes it even more annoying.
Just wanted to note that in Google Chrome Canary (34.0.1803.2) the up/down buttons are there and the scrollbars are draggable so Google might be reverting to the old behavior.