Problem execute sql server from j2ee extension


I'm trying to create a extension to connect to a SQL Server Database from a RedHat instalattion.
To execute the query I'm using the statement.executeQuery method.
When I execute the code from Eclipse everthing works fine, but when I call the method from OS the execution never ends and does give a error.
In the extension I'm adding the sqljdbc4.jar.

As anyone had a similar problem?

Hello Idálio,

A common mistake when first developing extensions with the use of external libraries is to add the library to the extension but leave the deploy action to "don't deploy". This will cause the OutSystems Platform to ignore the file when deploying the modules and can cause errors.

Please go to Integration Studio, double click the jar file in the resources tab and make sure that the Deploy Action is set to "Deploy to the Application Directory".

Let us know if this solves your problem.

Best regards,
Ricardo Silva