outsystems chart not displaying (bug)

outsystems chart not displaying (bug)

hi, guys , i am using version 8.0.1 PE. i was just playing around with the chart component when  i publish it doesnt display any data or image of the chart.i populated the datapoint with data from my query  and list append it to record list .and the source of the chart was the record list.i did evrything and it doesnt show.attached is the sample espace.any  help will be appreciated
Hi Tmlewin Eruchie,

I took a look into your espace and was able to put the charts to work.

In attach there's a OML with the correct version.

What I did was, in the preparation I inserted a for each to go through every record from the query to populate the chart with that record instead of appending just one like you had before. 

Also I set a max record on the query of 10 records just to make the chart more understandable, but you can change it on the query max record attributte.

Best Regards.