Multiple Tabs In Webform

Multiple Tabs In Webform

Hi All,
I have  a webform and on it i have around 12 tabs (business requirment) adn every tab has some data o display for edit purpose for the same reason i kept webblocks in every tab and because i am using client tabs i need to fill the data on webform prepration itself  (all th ewebblocks are loaded with data on webform prepration) which is causing a performance bottleneck .
Is there any control like server side tab so that i can load the webblocks data on tab click itself.

Why do you need query the data of all your webblock in the preparation of the parent form ?
Is it not easier to use the preparation of your webblock to query the particular data you want to show.
The general idea is that if your webblock is not shown , there is no query made for it, and no time spent to calculate it.
So if your 12 tabs are containers enclosed by a if , the if is use to say to show or not (if sown_tab="tab1" for ex).
Add a local variable to keep the "shown tab"
Add 12 links (or a submenu), customise them with css to look like you want, each link will only call a screenaction changing the value of the shown_tab variable ,
refresh the page with ajax.
Then you have a dynamic form , where the tabs are only calculated when shown.

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Hi didier,
I am now doing it in the same way ,my intension for post it here was just to know about if someone has alreday done it with any other way or used something like Server side tab..
Anyways thanks for your suggestion.

I believe the Server side tabs widget was deprecated a few versions ago, because server side tabs are pretty much links to other screens with some styling on them. So, if you want server side tabs, just wrap the links to other tabs in a div, or table, and apply some CSS for a "tab-like" effect :)
The menu in has a tab-like style, for example.
Hi Pramod,

You can fire an action on tab activation (RichWidgets Tabs) and then load the data you need in that action. Refer to this post to see how to do it.